Interview with Weinberg/Newton Gallery about Instrumental, December 2019

“Instrumental: Power, Voice, and Labor at the Airport,” Sounding Out!, February 2019


Instrumental (stills), 2018, HD video (three channels, 11:22 minutes, sound), install, The Way The Mystic Sees, Weinberg/Newton Gallery, Chicago, Sep 6 – Dec 14, 2019

This exhibition surveys contemporary perspectives and historical approaches to technology and surveillance. Works in the exhibition appear in a range of media – from language to video – to establish a spectrum of the technological. Certain artworks directly elucidate the subject of surveillance, while others begin to locate life beyond being and feeling watched.

Nadav Assor, Nick Cave, Mary Helena Clark, Max Guy, Christopher Meerdo, Asa Mendelsohn, Catherine Sullivan, Maryam Taghavi, and Marilyn Volkman

Presented in collaboration with Human Rights Watch


Instrumental, 7 channel HD video installation (monitors, moveable stands, color, sound, 11:37 minutes, loop), SME Gallery, UC San Diego, 2018

Instrumental is a body of performance-based video works exploring dynamics of power, voice, labor, and intimacy, centering around a series of performances by airport security workers that I directed and filmed at the San Diego International Airport in winter 2018.

In a solo exhibition mounted in fulfillment of my MFA first-year review at UC San Diego, I created a seven channel video installation with sound, juxtaposing videos shot at the airport with video performances featuring my mother, my partner, and myself, as well as documentary footage from my work with engineering students from the Society of Women Engineers with whom I am developing microphones that record the sound of a speaker’s voice inside their head while they are speaking. The juxtaposition frames these encounters through a politics of relating and listening closely.